Which TV bracket to get?

choosing the right TV bracket

TV in the bedroom and out the way

Mounting your TV on your wall may be a simple decision but choosing the right bracket for the job may require a little more thought. Not to worry, this article will help you buy the right TV wall mount.

Most modern homes all lack the same thing. Space. Taking up this space can be your TV. Most family homes have a TV in nearly every room so keeping space is vital. Mounting the TV on the wall or from the ceiling can save your space and keep your TV out of the reach of little fingers. But which bracket or mount should you buy?

There are four main types of bracket or mount. Cantilever TV brackets, swivel TV brackets, flat TV brackets and tilting TV brackets. You can suspend your TV from the ceiling or mount it to a desk but in general these types of mountings are usually associated with TFT computer monitor and projection units.

For the living room, flat, tilting are more popular as TVs are usually mounted to a central wall like a picture. Although it is also common for TVs to be also found in their traditional place, the corner. Most tilting TV brackets can be locked at a specific angle which allows you to get the best viewing angle when seated and watching. Flat brackets keep the TV as close to the wall as possible. Most of these type of TV brackets from www.uktvbrackets.co.uk come complete with a built in bubble level. A really useful tool when attempting to mount your TV on your wall.

Cantilever TV brackets

Ideal for the bedroom or the kitchen

For bedrooms and kitchens the popular choice of bracket is the cantilever TV bracket. An arm which the TV attaches too and allows the TV to be adjusted for the best viewing position. Ideal for alcoves, some models can be extended and retracted when not in use keeping the TV out of the way in those very small rooms. Swivel TV brackets allow you to tilt and swivel the TV up and down and from left to right. These can be used in nearly every room.

This article is just a guide. You can put any type of bracket you want in whichever room you want but to get the best out of the bracket it’s worth thinking about where you are going to put it, how high up the wall the size of room the TV and bracket are in.

www.uktvbrackets.co.uk have all these TV wall brackets in stock and all brackets come with fixings and instructions. Make sure you choose the right bracket before you order and that it will fit your TV.

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