What tools do I need?

Hanging a TV on the wall is fairly straight forward but without the correct tools for the jobs, can be tricky. So, what will you need?

Tools to use

Not sure what tools you need. Let us help you out.

A drill – a power drill with the correct drillbit (masonary, wood, etc) is essential to create the holes in the wall for the TV bracket/mount.

A wire/pipe detection tool – You don’t want to drill into a water pipe or risk injury by drilling into a live cable buried in the wall do you?

Screwdrivers – good quality flat-head and cross-head (philips) screwdrivers.

The TV bracket/mount – Can’t put the TV on the wall without this (You can also buy brackets and mounts to allow you to hang your TV from the ceiling. Check out our website www.uktvbrackets.co.uk

Spirit or Bubble level – Not essential but without this you may find that your TV is not level. Some of our TV wall brackets have a bubble level built in. Check the products details for more information.

Finally, some physical help. No matter how many tools you have, another pair of hands and eyes can be really helpful when taking on a task such as this. Don’t forget that TVs are heavy and trying to lift and line up is so much easier with two rather than struggling and potentially damaging your TV if you drop it.

All the TV wall mounts and brackets that we supply come with all fixings included plus instructions.

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