HDMI – What is it?

gold plated HDMI cables and leads

Get the best picture and sound possible with HDMI

If you take a look at any modern TV, you’ll see that they are mainly HDMI ready. But what is HDMI? This article hopefully will explain all.

These days, you don’t watch just the TV, you may have other devices connected to it. Sky boxes, Freeview boxes, video game consoles, Bluray players and more. All these devices require a HDMI cable to get the best possible picture and sound through your TV.

HDMI stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface‘ and is a digital connection through a single cable which is capable of transmitting high definition (or Hi Def). By using a HDMI cable you no longer need separate video and audio cables from the TV to the device. It’s all done through the one cable.

The HDMI cable enables high resolution video up to 1080p and at 60 frames per second all making for the crispest picture and sound. If your HDMI cable has gold connections then you should get an even better picture quality as this provides a better connection between device and TV. However, it’s worth remembering that although you may have the best cable available sometimes the model and condition of the TV or device may degrade the final picture and sound.

I haven’t got one. Where can I get one?
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