What is VESA?

VESA Explained

TV Bracket - Wall MountYou’ve got a new LCD, LED or plasma TV and you’re wondering what VESA stands for. How do you find out if your TV is VESA compatible? All will be explained in this article.

VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association was founded in 1989 and was an international standards body for computer graphics. The goal was to produce a industry standard for video displays (SVGA 800×600).

VESA and a TV bracket

VESA Mount diangran - TV Brackets - UKtvbrackets.co.uk
You want to hang or mount your TV on your living room wall and the product’s specifications has VESA and a set of numbers. What is it?

In regards to your TV, VESA means less about the graphical capabilities of your TV but concerns the dimension of the holes on the back of your TV. All TVs that are compatible to be fixed to the wall have an industry standard.

How do I use it?

Nearly all modern TVs have four threaded holes already sunk into the back of the set. These holes are arranged into a square. VESA figures are the space or distance between these holes and are measured in millimetres. As an example, VESA 75×75 would require that the holes on the back of the TV be 75mm apart, both vertically and horizontally. All you have to do to find out which VESA measurement is correct for your TV is measure from hole to hole.

www.uktvbrackets, have VESA measurements the bracket’s product specifications:

Meets VESA mounting standard (200mm/300mm/400mm/600mm/700mm)

All the TV mounts and brackets that are available on our website uktvbrackets are VESA compatible. Check out the bracket’s product specifications, on the product’s information page for more details. Uktvbrackets stock all types of TV wall brackets, ceiling brackets, desk mounts and also TV stands.

Always make sure your TV is compatible before you order.

How to find my VESA size for my TV

VESA measure - TV Brackets - UKtvbrackets.co.uk
Look on the back of your TV. If you see 4 holes in the shape of a rectangle or square then your TV can be mounted onto a TV bracket then onto the wall. To find out your VESA measurement simply measure the distance from the top-left hole across to the top-right hole. Then measure from the top-left hole to the bottom-left hole.

These measurements (both in millimetres) will be your VESA measurement. Use this to make sure your TV bracket is compatible with your TV.

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